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DemDrones provides fully qualified, insured and licensed CAA Drone Pilots and staff who operate within the drone industry. We also assist and host all types of training events and workshops for every type of institution.

We also specialise in...

Aerial Colourist, Photography, cinematography & Videography

From 10 bit D-LOG, RAW footage to colour grading, edited in 720p to PRO RES and distribution.

Creating aerial data

We uses different types of software to execute different disciplines, such as 3D mapping, photogrammetry and much more.


We provide training for all ages. From Enhanced DBS trained Drone pilot training, to operations, gimbal and technical training.

Building a drone community

Using social media platforms, networking events, and event sponsorships. We aspire to create a drone community for everyone.

About DemDrones

Dem Drones is a product of the Demand Drones Dimensions LTD, our parent company that helps clients navigate through the world of drone technology. The drone world is currently a growing industry, and we are here to help create, build and grow this industry into one where everyone can be apart of it.

Past and presents projects

  • Yes Man feature film 2022

    We aerial directed this feature film created by 4deucefilms.

  • Soca event and editing productions

    We turn large and medium events into drone video productions.

  • Video productions

    Using aerial cinematography, we have created music videos, short films and more.

  • Stickman historic piece

    A biopic of sir Anthony brightly, with drone shots by us.

  • Coming soon...

    Stay tuned for more projects from sponsorships to mapping, inspections and VFX.

  • Drone Training

    Helping people find a space in the drone world

Safety First

DDD (DemDrones) is a CAA permission operation authorisation with 10 millions pound insurance, who caters for high end productions, dual operator options, off-road vehicle & back up drone options.

The team consists of a GVC and A2 COFC Drone aerial and ground director, an aerial DOP and a Cinematographer who operates drones such as the inspire 2, Mavic 2 Pros and Mavic mini 2 4K DJI Drones. We also work closely with a reliable team of drone pilots, observers and spotters. And have experience working with production teams for individual projects.

CAA Approved

We have authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority to perform drone swarms anywhere in the UK based on our assessment of the location. Wherever your event is, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FOLLOWS

Safety First

DDD takes safety very seriously. We have both electronic and physical safety features in place to ensure that your audience is protected. We are fully insured and can amend our Public Liability Insurance as required by your event.

We offer services, collaboration and sponsorships. Get in touch and create drone magic.

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